Gestational diabetes blood sugar levels chart

Gestational diabetes blood sugar levels

Gestational diabetes blood sugar levels chart

Are you pregnant suffering from diabetes? Are you worried about your pregnancy? what is the Gestational diabetes blood sugar levels chart?

With the development of medicine and medical equipment, it’s now easier than ever before to determine your blood glucose level/ sugar level at home.

So, we will help you with gestational diabetes blood sugar levels chart, gestational diabetes blood sugar range, and gestational diabetes blood sugar goals

So, you can now know either if you are diabetic, prediabetic, or even normal.

Diabetes blood sugar levels chart in pregnancy

Gestational diabetes blood sugar levels chart identifies ideal blood sugar levels in your body throughout the day, including before and after meals.

So, it can help you track your blood glucose levels.

When to checkBlood sugar levels for people without diabetesGestational diabetes blood sugar range
Fastingless than 100 mg/dl80-130 mg/dl
Before mealsless than 110 mg/dl70-130 mg/dl
2 hours after mealless than 140 mg/dlless than 180 mg/dl
Bedtimeless than 120 mg/dl90-150 mg/dl

Why the gestational diabetes chart?

It’s important to monitor your blood glucose to reach the ideal level that is recommended by the guidelines.

You can use blood sugar levels chart as a reference for the healthy blood sugar level when you wake up, before sleeping, when you are going to have a meal, and after it.

Gestational diabetes blood sugar goals

Time of checkBlood sugar levels
Fasting (before breakfast)60-90 mg/dl
Before meals60-90 mg/dl
1-2 hours after the meal100-120 mg/dl

These are the gestational diabetes blood sugar goals to keep blood sugar level within the normal range without further decrease or increase.

Gestational diabetes blood sugar range

Blood sugar levelsExcellentGood (pre- diabetic)Diabetic
Before meals70-109 mg/dl110-145 mg/dl146-180 mg/dl
2 hours after meal90-126 mg/dl127-180 mg/dl181- 235 mg/dl

Importance of gestational diabetes blood sugar levels chart

Gestational diabetes blood sugar levels chart2
  • Determine your blood glucose level and know whether it is normal or not.
  • Based on your blood sugar/glucose level you can know how many calories are required and what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat.
  • Understanding blood glucose monitoring by yourself.
  • Avoiding any harm that can happen to your baby if your blood glucose level increases above normal
  • warning you if you are about to develop type 2 DM so, you could start taking care of your health and your blood sugar level.

Dangerous diabetes blood sugar range

Fasting blood sugar levelRisk levelWhat to do?
120-160 mg/dlMediumMeet a doctor
160-240 mg/dlVery highYou need to lower your blood sugar levels
240-300 mg/dlVery highIt is a sign of uncontrolled diabetes, meet a doctor as early as possible.
300 mg/dl or aboveCritically DangerousEmergency, seek medical attention.

How many times should you check the gestational diabetes blood sugar levels chart?

  • If you are on insulin, tests should be done at fasting, before meals, and 1 hour after meals.
  • If you aren’t on insulin, you should check yourself during fasting and 1 hour after meals.


  • Don’t forget to check your blood sugar level regularly.
  • Remember that high blood glucose means difficult pregnancy.
  • Avoid eating food containing a lot amount of sugar.
  • Seek medical advice as well while you are checking yourself at home.


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