Diabetes 2 diet

Let’s go on a journey among different foods and diet systems to choose the best diabetes 2 diet elements and systems.

Importance of adopting special diabetes 2 diet

The pathology of type 2 diabetes mellitus is related to overweight and obesity; that’s why there is a great concern about diet systems for diabetic patients.

 Moreover, physicians have noticed the better control of the blood glucose by lowering the carbohydrates in the food.

Every physician advises a newly diagnosed patient with type 2 diabetes mellitus to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including:

  1. Diet modification and may recommend a specific type 2 diabetes diet system.
  2. Physical exercise to facilitate utilizing excess glucose in the blood.
  3. Reducing the daily stress to lower the number of stress hormones which will increase the glucose furthermore.

Sometimes, just sticking to these rules can lower the excess glucose significantly.

Benefits of type 2 diabetes diet

Lowering the blood glucose level for longer times.

It reduces the fluctuations of the blood glucose which lies behind certain complications such as cataract.

Lowering the risk of vascular complications of diabetes for example stroke as well as heart diseases.

It reduces the risk of acquiring renal failure and eye complications of diabetes mellitus.

In addition, it reduces the risk of some cancer types.

Good foods for diabetics

Indeed, the patient with type 2 diabetes will need to eat foods with low glucose and carbohydrates content.

In addition to lowering the glucose content in food, the patient should be aware of the fat content and calories in his meals.

So, there are good foods for diabetics, on the other hand, there are many harmful foods for them.

Diabetes 2 diet can include the following elements:

Carbohydrates of the complex type, for instance, whole grains, brown rice, and fruits.

  • Lentils and quinoa.
  • Chia seeds.
  • Salmon, mackerel, and tuna.
  • Egg.
  • Nuts, for instance, almond and cashew, as well as walnuts.
  • Garlic and turmeric.
  • Flaxseeds.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Natural or Greek yogurt.
  • Olive oil, especially the extra virgin one.
  • Apple cider vinegar.
  • High fiber food, such as whole grains and vegetables with green leaves.
  • Moderate amounts of starchy vegetables such as Potatoes and squash as well as corn.

What to avoid?

  • Simple sugar such as white potatoes, breakfast cereals as well as pastries and sweets.
  • Table sugar.
  • White flour such as baking and cookies as well as pasta.
  • High cholesterol food, trans fat, and processed meat.
  • It is better to avoid snacks.

Diabetes 2 diet systems

There is no specific diabetes 2 diet suitable for all diabetic patients. Nevertheless, it is not just to stop adding sugar to food and juices.

The vegetarian system plays well with diabetic patients of type 2.

The keto diet for diabetic patients is a challenge because although it is a low-carb diet, the patient will consume a lot of fat instead.

Some ideas for diabetes 2 diet


Natural yogurt and fruits.

Whole grain cereals and milk.

Boiled egg and avocado.


Tuna or salmon with salad.

Roast chicken and vegetables.

Pasta salad.


Salmon with vegetables.

Chicken tortillas and salad.

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